Contrary to popular belief X-Rays have not been superseded by MRI and CT scans. While X rays have been overused in the past, they do give valuable information not readily available from other tests. Deformities of the spine, such as scollosis are better shown by X-rays. Instability or abnormal motion is also better seen by taking views in flexed and extended positions. X-rays can give an idea of the quality of the bone.

Spinal Joint has  the latest in X-ray technology, maximising the quality of the X-ray image and minimising the risk and exposure to the client. Only about 20% of our clients need X-rays we never x-ray children or pregnant women. Sometimes it is necessary when a patient does not respond to treatment as expected or the exam reveals the possibility of underlying pathology which may influence the prognosis and it is better to be certain how bad things are rather than guess.

If you have had x-rays or scans taken within the last five years bring them to your appointment. Failing that try and get a copy of the report sent to your GP as this may save you £75.

If the thought of spending  hours at the local hospital A&E after a fall or sporting injury seems like a waste of your precious time, call us and we will slot you into the next available X-ray appointment.

If you suspect a fracture and can't use the limb it may need to be casted at the hospital,  they will X-ray you for free. We charge  £75 for a set of X Rays