Gait Analysis

Gait is the mechanical way we move our body from one point to another. This is most often done by walking, however we may also run, skip, hop etc. Gait analysis is a method used to assess the way we walk or run to highlight bio mechanical abnormalities in the gait cycle. It looks at the way your feet, ankles, knees and hips move through the gait cycle, as well as the way the rest of your body adapts to the movement, looking for stiffness (usually caused by muscle tightness), limited range of motion, or muscles weakness, as well as any adaptive compensations that may be occurring as a result of these.

At Spinal Joint, Kingston, we use a treadmill and computer software to provide a detailed look into your gait. This can be used to help identify and modify problems (pronation/supination) with your running technique that may be affecting performance, or it may be used to identify why you are getting pain when you walk to the bus. Very often orthotics will be recommends to support the arch of the foot or to take pressure off the heal.

Gait analysis at Spinal Joint, Kingston, performed by Richard Lanigan DC or Brooke Robinson BSc Ost, may be done as part of your assessment if it appears necessary or a more detailed analysis can be performed at your own request or that of your treating practitioner (£50 for detailed analysis) and we will provide you with a CD of the analysis.